BookMaker Loyalty Program

  • Updated: May 27, 2014
  • Bookmaker Loyalty Program

    BookMaker Loyalty Program

    There’s a popular loyalty-rewards program available for online gamblers and gaming players over at BookMaker which is pretty easy to take advantage of in just a few steps. This program is known as BetPoints and you can earn these bonus points each time you make a bet in the sports book or racebook or play any of the online casino contests. In laymen’s terms, the more you play the more points you’ll earn, regardless of the size of your bet or how much you play on the games. All of the points you accumulate will automatically be deposited into your account. They can then be redeemed for numerous benefits such as cash back, airline miles, merchandise, gift cards and more. In addition to the bonus points, you can also earn cash rebates on a daily basis when betting in the racebook. These rebates are available no matter if you win or lose your wagers.


    For the BetPoints program, you’re instantly enrolled as a Gold-status member as soon as you open a new account at BookMaker and deposit at least $300. You’ll also be eligible for free payouts, handicapping services and free entry to various online tournaments. However, if you deposit a minimum of $900 you’ll be enrolled as a platinum member. Needless to say the benefits and rewards are better in the platinum stage. It doesn’t end there though as there’s also a diamond membership stage, which is the highest you can reach. As soon as you accumulate 30,000 BetPoints in a 12-month period you’ll reach the platinum level and the points earn 10 per cent more than the gold level. When you hit the 300,000 BetPoint mark in a 12-month period you’re eligible for the diamond reward status Level: You’ll earn 15 per cent free play bonuses on deposits of at least $300 up to a maximum of a $3000 reward. You also get receive access to a VIP customer service rep around the clock and your BetPoints will earn you 10 per cent more than the platinum level. You can always gather more information about the loyalty-rewards program by phoning the customer service department toll free at 877-827-3978 sending an email to You’ll also discover there’s a detailed FAQ section on the loyalty-rewards program on the site.

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    BookMaker Loyalty Program - Play More, Win More!
    With the BookMaker Loyalty Program, aka Betpoints, you earn bonus points each time you make a bet in the sportsbook/racebook or play online casino games.