Bookmaker Tips

Bookmaker Tips

The best way to enjoy your gambling and game playing at BookMaker is to take up all of their offers when it comes to bonuses and promotions. You might as well get the most out of your hard-earned money as possible and you can do this right from the instant you sign up as a member. All sections of the site, the sportsbook, casino, and poker room have welcome bonuses. This is a good way to build up your account right from the get-go. In addition, there’s a loyalty-rewards program which hands out bonus points and these can be traded in for benefits such as airline miles, gift cards, merchandise, and cash-back rewards etc.


Once you’ve become a member there are other ways to save money or see your account grow. You’ll discover there are several bonuses and promotions offered to customers throughout the year. One of these is the refer-a-friend offer where you can earn up to $500 for each pal who opens an account and makes a deposit. In addition, the racebook will send some cash your way in the form of daily rebates. This offers goes for both winners and losers of all bets and you can earn up to eight per cent of your wagers this way with no maximum limit on the rebates.

You can play the casino games for free and you don’t need to download them. If you’d like to learn the rules, tips, and strategies on any of the slots, card, and table games you will find a great library to help you with this. Just click on the type of games you’d like to learn about and you’ll find a ton of detailed information on them. The BookMaker website is pretty easy to get around as it’s professionally designed and makes sense. Therefore you won’t have to frustrate yourself searching for a specific area. Don’t forget you also have t live in-play betting option and the site can also be accessed by your mobile phone or tablet.

If you need any help and want to contact the customer service department, the best way is to do it immediately by giving them a toll-free phone call or using the online chat service. If you send an email you’ll have to wait for a response. Also, there are no restricted countries at BookMaker, and the site is more or less aimed at North American bettors. You won’t find numerous languages available when navigating the site, but the customer service agents should be able to help you in English, Spanish and Chinese.

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Bookmaker Tips and useful Information
When it comes to wagering with Bookmaker, they are more then happy to provide you with every edge you need to beat the house. Bookmaker Tips help!