Super Bowl Betting Patriots vs Seahawks: Getting Those Quarters Right

  • Updated: March 4, 2015
  • As you will hear from talking heads all day long, there are fourth quarter teams, second-half teams; teams that get off to quick starts, teams that fade away. Obviously, if a team gets to the Super Bowl, they are going to be pretty strong in all four quarters, but there is nonetheless some bias involved. And the time to exploit that, if it is at all possible, is when the virtual plethora of Super Bowl props come your way, as they are posted at a place like, for example.

    It goes without saying that you can bet on just about everything, and since that is the case, you will be able to wager not only on who will win the game, but on every quarter as well. Is there an opportunity to make a profit? Well, there might just be. The Big Game kicks off at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, and it is rated even (no pointspread) with a total of 47.5 points.

    What is really interesting when you take a look at the breakdown of scoring on the part of these two teams is that they do indeed excel in certain periods of the game. If you look at what the Patriots have done this season, they are far better in the second quarter than they have been anywhere else. In fact, they lead the NFL in second-quarter points with 10.7. So one can imagine that they are able to make some adjustments after the first couple of possessions. And take note of this – at the same time, Seattle has allowed more points in the second period – 5.6 per game – than they have in any other quarter. Maybe, just maybe, you have a play here, especially as you have an even-money proposition.

    Since this game is a “pick’em” at, it would follow that the quarters might be that way as well, and indeed no team is a favorite in any of the four quarters. You are just laying -110 either way. We can tell you a few other things that might be useful when venturing into the quarter props on the Super Bowl. The Seahawks, for example, are not in the top ten in the league in scoring for ANY of the first three quarters. However, they do appear to be a fourth quarter team, scoring 8.6 points a game to stand fourth in the NFL in that category.

    But maybe they are a third quarter team. After all, they have permitted a league-low 2.4 points per game in that period. In fact, New England is very strong in the fourth quarter, as they have allowed just 3.6 points per game, which is second league-wide. So in a manner if speaking, it is strength vs. strength in the final 15 minutes, which is probably very appropriate when you’re talking about a game that is listed all even.

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    Super Bowl Betting Pats vs Hawks: Getting the Quarters Right
    As Super Bowl Betting experts like to say, there are fourth quarter teams, second-half teams; teams that get off to quick starts, teams that fade away.