Super Bowl Props – Pats Need the Power of Blount to Compete

  • Updated: March 4, 2015
  • When the New England Patriots re-acquired LeGarrette Blount after his release by the Pittsburgh Steelers, BookMaker bettors just knew it was with the post-season in mind. And while coach Bill Belichick did not utilize him very much in the first playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens, he most definitely put him to work against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game. In fact, Blount, who had ground up the Colts for 66 yards in last year’s playoffs, ran for 148 yards and helped the Pats dominate things, paving the way for their trip to Glendale, AZ for the Super Bowl, which kicks off against the Seattle Seahawks at 6:30 PM ET at University of Phoenix Stadium.

    There has been some controversy surrounding how Blount wound up back in New England. And it involves whether he may have engineered his way off the Pittsburgh Steelers roster so that he could get back to a place where he could both get to the post-season and also get his share of work. Not coincidentally, that is what this proposition is all about: how much work will Blount actually get on Super Sunday?

    We are not really sure about the notion of Blount chopping up the Seattle defensive front seven the way he did against Indianapolis. But by the same token, the Pats have to feel they can’t once again approach things the way they did against Baltimore, when they didn’t even hand the ball to a running back in the second half and totaled only 14 yards on the ground. This Seattle defense is best in the NFL in pass defense, and if you let them either drop back in coverage or pressure Tom Brady without any diversion, they are going to have their way.

    BookMakercustomers know that they have other alternatives in the backfield, namely Shane Vereen, but the general consensus is that Vereen is going to be of most use to this team as a pass receiver, or as someone carrying out one of those wacky formations Belichick has just introduced into the Patriots’ playbook.

    Blount would seem durable enough – and indeed fresh enough – to be able to handle almost the entire rushing load here, and seeing as New England is much better served by getting balance in the attack, even if it is simply a matter of showing the Seahawks that they WILL run the ball, we have to figure that he will get his share of carries. At the same time, we also keep in mind that Seattle completely negated the ground attack of the Denver Broncos in last year’s Super Bowl, limiting them to just 27 yards on fourteen carries. So the success of going with the “over” in this proposition might be directly related to the Patriots getting off to a good start, which means either an early lead or a close game, so that they can operate with either the run or the pass in their offense.

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    Super Bowl Props - Pats Need Power of Blount to Compete
    Super Bowl Props - When the Patriots re-acquired LeGarrette Blount after his release by the Steelers, bettors knew it was with the post-season in mind.